Zwierciadło Foundation operates within the Zwierciadło Group, both in Poland and abroad. The main branch of activities is supporting, promoting and initiating cultural and artistic activities of unique quality. Foundation’s strategy could be compared to providing a spark that remodels the cultural scene – its long-term initiatives set new standards for producing exhibitions and art events. This strategy is implemented in particular through a musical programme as well as projects related to visual arts. Since 2011 the Foundation has been establishing and supporting a private youth orchestra, the first of its kind in Poland Młoda Polska Filharmonia (Young Polish Philharmonic Orchestra), performing at Poland’s prestigious venues.

Zwierciadło Foundation Team:

Ewa Olędzka, Manager of Young Polish Philharmonic Orchestra project,

Organiser of art workshops and all-Poland concert tours. Studied foreign affairs at the University of Warsaw. She has a long-standing experience working for both Polish and foreign non-government organisations. Has coordinated various social, educational and cultural activity projects (Muzyczna Agrafka – Musical Safety-Pin, among others).