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The Zwierciadło Group is a rapidly growing media holding group that publishes the periodicals Zwierciadło and Sens. Its other fields of business are book publishing and custom publishing. Zwierciadlo.pl is the Group’s flagship online project.
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The Zwierciadło Group has been actively expanding its book publishing activitiesthrough collaboration withbest-selling authors. A collection of features by Katarzyna Miller, a journalist associated with the Zwierciadło magazine, was the first book published by the Zwierciadło Publishing House. Titled „Nie bój się życia”, the book became a bestseller a week after it was published in September 2010.

We are the oldest and most renowned custom and content publishing agency in Poland and one of the oldest ones in Europe. Our nearly 14 years’ experience, 30-member collaborative team of professionals and an excellent aesthetic taste have been recognized by the world’s largest association of custom press agencies, the Custom Content Council, which for the past three years has been regularly rewarding our production with, e.g. best magazine or best layout awards!

Zwierciadlo.pl is a lifestyle portal that presents information on psychology
and personal development in an enjoyable and easy way.

editor in chiefKatarzyna Droga
The psychological magazine Sens is intended for those who are interested in practical aspects of psychology. The magazine explores topics such as the quality of life and human relations and stimulates readers to look within themselves and learn more about their emotions and attitudes. Its mission is to promote a better quality of mental life. Sens has been published since 2007.

editor in chiefAnna Bimer
Zwierciadło is Poland’s only luxury women’s magazine in continuous circulation since 1957. It was named the Magazine of the Year by Media & Marketing Polska in 2010 and is a frequent winner of the GrandFront contest for the best cover design.